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Wafer Butterfly Valve 900 Wafer Butterfly Valve 900


Outside “EPOXY” powder coating. Handle with lock hole.

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Reference DN 1
VF900032 32
VF900040 40
VF900050 50
VF900065 65
VF900080 80
VF900100 100
VF900125 125
VF900150 150
VF900200 200
VF900250 250
VF900300 300

Technical documentation

Note: due to the constant development of our products, the supplied data can be altered without prior notice.

Document Type Language File size
DS REF. 900 BUTTERFLY VALVE.pdf Data Sheet EN 4,30 MB
FT VALVOLA A FARFALLA REF.900.pdf Data Sheet IT 4,31 MB
FT VALVULA MARIPOSA REF. 900.pdf Data Sheet ES 4,30 MB
FT VANNE REF. 900.pdf Data Sheet FR 4,31 MB
FT VÁLVULA BORBOLETA REF. 900.pdf Data Sheet PT 4,31 MB
WRAS ATUSA BUTTERFLY VALVE REF. 900-901-950-951.pdf Product Certificate EN 104,69 KB
ACS ATUSA GATE VALVE REF. 900-901-950-951.pdf Product Certificate EN 264,51 KB
ACS ATUSA VANNE REF. 900-901-950-951.pdf Product Certificate FR 264,51 KB
IMAGE HQ WS-900.jpg HQ Image 1,25 MB