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ATUSA, located in the North of Spain, an enclave of the iron and steel industry, has made so much progress that it is now at the forefront of the manufacturers of Malleable Iron Accessories.
Our long tradition, which in some of our manufacturing plants dates back almost a century, has served to lay the foundations of a modern, versatile, up-to-date and future-oriented company.
In its eagerness to satisfy the demands of different markets, ATUSA is constantly expanding, incorporating new products for different sectors, including areas such as sanitation, heating, fluid distribution, construction and electrical.
This combination of the production process and the marketing of products makes ATUSA a benchmark in international markets.

Complete productive process

Means of production

ATUSA consists of 3 manufacturing plants, employing more than 1,000 people in 8 countries, and has a production capacity of close to 25,000 tons. Our wide distribution network allows us to be priority suppliers in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

The modern facilities in ATUSA provide our company with great capacity and flexibility in production, also enabling us to maintain exceptional quality standards.

We have:

Integrated logistics


ATUSA's headquarters are located in Salvatierra, in the province of Álava, where one of the three production plants is also located. We also have production plants in Mondragón (Spain) and in Montana (Bulgaria).

The ATUSA Group has five logistic warehouses of its own. The one with the largest capacity is located at its headquarters in Spain. Moreover, a new logistics warehouse has been built under the name ATUSA MONTANA INTERNACIONAL next to the production plant in Bulgaria. The other three warehouses are located in our subsidiaries in Ratingen (Germany) - ATUSA DEUTSCHLAND, Liscate-Milan (Italy) - ATUSA ITALIA and Maia (Portugal) - ATUSA PORTUGAL. This vast distribution network allows us to reach our customers in an immediate delivery time with an optimal level of service.

We also have three Commercial Offices: ATUSA POLSKA in Radom (Poland), ATUSA FRANCE in Paris (France) and ATUSA TÜRKİYE in Istanbul (Turkey).

Worldwide presence

Market areas

Relying on a wide distribution network, made up of both its own warehouses and related distributors, ATUSA can be found in the most demanding markets. The high standards of the components of these logistic centers enables us to provide proximity and an immediate response to our customers.

In its clear commitment to growth and commercial expansion, the ATUSA Group exports its products to the rest of the world, with a greater presence in the European Union, without ignoring the needs of other areas such as the rest of Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Its presence in more than 40 countries means that the ATUSA Group is highly specialized, while being flexible and adaptable.

Quality guarantee


The quality of our products is based on a skilled and experienced human workforce, as well as the most modern and efficient technical means and analysis procedures. A Quality Department of more than 40 people distributed throughout all the production processes and in the reception controls of the marketed products, oversees the correct operation of the Quality System and anticipates possible imbalances that could cause significant functional defects.

We have:

A chemical laboratory that tests parameters such as the chemical composition of our products and materials, checks and verifies the parameters of both core making and foundry sands, detects the presence of foreign oils in coolants and investigates the existence of components which are not permitted in products and materials.

A mechanical laboratory that performs the mechanical tests required by the applicable standards (EN 10242, EN 1562 or others), hydraulic and pneumatic tests to verify the leak tightness of all our products, metallographic tests to determine the structure of the materials and processed products. Likewise, Atusa carries out all the particular tests specified by our clients, outsourcing specialized external laboratories if necessary.


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