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DIN 934 Hexagonal Nut DIN 934 Hexagonal Nut


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Reference Measurement Minimum Quantity
T9340004 M4 250
T9340005 M5 250
T9340006 M6 150
T9340008 M8 125
T9340010 M10 100
T9340012 M12 100
T9340014 M14 50
T9340016 M16 50
T9340018 M18 25
T9340020 M20 25
T9340022 M22 20
T9340024 M24 10
T9340027 M27 10
T9340030 M30 10
T9340033 M33 5

Technical documentation

Note: due to the constant development of our products, the supplied data can be altered without prior notice.

Document Type Language File size
FT DADI ESAGONALI.pdf Data Sheet IT 310,56 KB
DS HEXAGONAL NUT.pdf Data Sheet EN 310,95 KB
FT TUERCA HEXAGONAL.pdf Data Sheet ES 310,95 KB
FT PORCA HEXAGONAL.pdf Data Sheet PT 312,08 KB
IMAGE HQ CF-T934.jpg HQ Image 1,05 MB